Studio News Notes

I'm currently working on my debut EP at Secret World Studios in North Hollywood.  Laid down some incredible drum takes with Sean Winchester, an incredible musician who's recorded and toured with Everclear and a Berkelee College of Music alumni.

I'm recording the other instruments - I've always admired artists like Prince and Lenny Kravitz who do the same.  They had a clear vision and organized the entire production in their heads, and I feel that makes a record so much more special.

This EP is co-produced by Michael Gehring, who played some keys and produced the vocals.  I've been friends with the guys at Secret World for years, working with them in my prior bands, so doing a solo project with them was very appropriate.  Next step is going to be mixing, then mastering  Releasing the first single in the Spring.

I'll keep everyone updated on the process of putting this EP together, and give some exclusive access -updates, more behind the scenes material - to anyone who signs up for the newsletter.  The fans are the lifeblood of all artists and songwriters, and I'm eternally grated for the support and plan to return it.  Until then, see you at the next show!


Michael van der Roest