Asa ey's Journal

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A biracial singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Los Angeles native Asa Ey combines pop rock and soul with California swag.  Growing up half black half white, he gravitated to funk and R&B just as much as grunge and alternative.  The result is a rhythmic guitar style which drives his catchy pop rock songs.  His background in jazz allows for colorful, interesting chords which draw the listener in.

Asa was the creative force behind his prior indie alternative band, and the music took them to Sundance Film Festival and premier LA venues such as the Troubadour, El Rey Theater and Hotel Café.  Asa’s television credits include placements on networks such as NBC, The Hallmark Channel, ABC and MTV.  Primarily, it is Asa’s heartfelt, mainstream friendly hooks and a well-honed musicality that make the soulful musician appealing.

His father had eclectic tastes in art, and a diverse record collection.  As a quiet kid who preferred to do his own thing, Asa would often immerse himself in the sonic landscapes of Michael Jackson, Sade, the Police, and even 90’s alternative and neo soul.  He was drawn to pocket - the pulse and groove that carries each song – so it makes sense he picked up the drums as his first instrument.   After a stint with the saxophone, he migrated to the bass, which he would formally study as a jazz major at the University of Southern California. 

While Los Angeles has certainly left a mark on Asa stylistically – a distinct west coast, beachy vibe informs the music – he was actually born in San Francisco and raised on a vineyard in Napa.  There, Asa soaked in the slower pace of Northern California in his youth, retreating into nature and finding comfort exploring hiking trails and grape fields.  These rural surroundings and his parents’ divorce early in his life made him introspective, inquisitive and created fertile soil for him to grow into a natural songwriter.

These days, the songwriter seeks to create music that blends the two main styles that influenced him – alternative pop rock and rhythmic soul.  A consummate soloist, Asa is known for live looping, stacking layers of guitar on top of the foundation, and then improvising.  Above all else, Asa connects to listeners by writing about his personal experience, valuing the song as a vehicle for communicating authentic emotions and honesty.

Inspired by a tumultuous relationship, Asa’s forthcoming single “Smoke and Mirrors” tells the story of a girl who gets completely consumed by social media.  While she has thousands of followers and portrays her life as glamorous, we learn she is internally suffering in her real life.  A lyrical snapshot reveals her online persona is “not her life, you know, but the truth she won’t show to feel good, to feel good”.